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I push myself slowly up and down into her.Paul stopped and opened the car as I had asked and I looked carefully to make sure the car was clear before coming out.“That's it,” I groaned.Like it or not, you’re student council, went to a party and word is, you’re known for fucking around.”Mentally she was someplace else, losing herself in the moment."Yes Master.She gave me a small smile and mouthed "hold her" silently to meI continued to suck and lick and nibble.Again and again they kept their onslaught of cum hitting all over the girl . . .Everybody has those days.Wait… “Professor Edwards?!”She wasn't sure whether it used some kind of face tracking technology, or just sensed her implanted chips, or what, but after she'd been in front of it for around 15 minutes, its volume increased and it said, "Good slut!It was clear nearly everyone was dead, those that weren't were swiftly set upon and finished by the demons..She bowed her head by way of acknowledgement.Once we had all

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